The goal is simplicity while traveling on a sailboat.

Hi, we’re the Fosters (Matt, Nancy, and Olivia). We live on sailboat. We started in Texas. We’re not rich, nor retired. We’re nomads, and we travel the seas. Working, building a family, and see cool stuff meeting great people.

And we film it all to share with you.

About Our Sailboat

Her name is Cadence. She’s a 39’10” Sailboat from the America’s largest sailboat manufacturer: Catalina.

It’s our first sailboat. We’ve learned a lot about sailboats, sailing, and about Cadence. Read more about Cadence by tapping here >>

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Our Patrons (The Virtual Crew) have access to our GPS messenger and Garmin map. But we also have a live map and previous routes for you to view.

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Map Sailing Route from Florida to South Carolina

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Zoom Call with Fosters - Captain's Hour

Latest From Our Sailing Travel Blog

This week, we installed a Waterdrop 10UA-UF ultrafiltration water filter on our sailboat – and we love it! This post is not sponsored, it’s just our honest review paired with a few

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Join us each week on YouTube as we share the journey, the lessons, the adventure, and sailing the seas to various locations!

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Videos from The Fosters Sailboat Life

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SV Cadence at Anchor with Sunset in bahamas

We work as we travel, learn as we go.

Join Us Each Week on YouTube!

We want to go all over the world and are working hard to carefully craft a long-term lifestyle. You’re invited to watch as we share the journey from suburbia to sailing freely.

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