T-Shirt Giveaway – Celebrating You!

T-Shirt Giveaway 1000 Subscribers - The Foster Journey Celebrating You

OMG! I’m blown away by your support! We knew Mom, Dads, sisters, (maybe brother ?) and a few close friends ? would join the journey, but we never expected 1,000 subscribers on YouTube!

So let’s celebrate!

We’re celebrating you, the 1,000 subscribers, with a T-Shirt giveaway – – Watch today’s bonus episode for details.

Oh, and what do you think of this T-Shirt design?

We don’t know how to design T-shirts. We don’t know how to create them, but we’re going to learn how! #NeverStopLearning

T-Shirt Giveaway 1000 Subscribers - The Foster Journey Celebrating You
Enter to Win By Leaving A Comment

All comments here (down below), on YouTube, and on our Facebook Page will count towards names drawn.

To Qualify: Leave a comment.

We’ll randomly draw names from the comments here, on our Facebook Page, and on the YouTube video.

Each comment you make = a better chance to win!

Official Rules: Each comment equals an additional chance to win a free T-Shirt from The Foster Journey. Names will begin being drawn after we reach 25 total comments. We’ll draw one name each day for 3 days straight. You’ll be contacted via private message or email, and after confirming a shipping address and size of shirt, the T-Shirt will be shipped to you!


I’d love to know your thoughts on the t-shirt design. What colors make a cool T-Shirt? Do you like the handwriting?








7 responses to “T-Shirt Giveaway – Celebrating You!”

  1. Greg. H

    Hello Matt and Family : I want to reach out not to win a T-shirt but to say how’s the sailboat reach doing? How the daughter doing in School? Did you see the video on the 53 Beneteau ? I still want to find one to fix up to learn the ins an outs of the sailboat. How do you feel on a boat needs a little Help? Well take Care sorry I have not look at any your videos been under the weather very bad. Take Care an God Bless you and Family.

    1. Hi Greg! Thanks for checking in and leaving a comment. Sailboat hunting is going great, and next week we’ll share a recap of some sailboat shopping specifics…things we’ve learned. Anyways, I hope you get to feeling better soon, friend. Stay in touch
      Blessings and Cheers!

  2. Juan

    Hey! I just commented at YouTube, too! Congrats!

    1. Thanks, Juan. I’m glad you’ve in here at the blog too! I appreciate you and hope you’re enjoying the videos 🙂

  3. Mimi

    Congratulations on a 1000 Subscribers!!! It’s been fun following along on this adventure, can’t wait to see more. Hope I win a t-shirt.

    1. Thanks, mom. Even if you don’t win…I’m sure I can get you a T-Shirt (or maybe convince you to buy one 🙂 )

  4. I like the shirt design. You asked about colors, so keep them beachy to go with the sailing theme! Congratulations again on your subs… it won’t be long and you will be looking at my channel in the rearview mirror as you soar, or should I say, sail away!!!!

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