A New Series is Coming to Our Channel!

It’s been a solid 3 years of producing weekly episodes of our sailboat life, travels, and lessons learned along the journey. We fully plan to continue creating these weekly episodes, thanks to the support of our Patrons and the engagement we receive on YouTube comments.

And now, something new is in the works…

This is exciting news — we’re also going to create a second series on our YouTube channel.

A New Sailing Vlog

The style will be new.

The look and feel will be new.

It’s unedited, simple, and authentic.

There’s no drone shots, music, and fancy editing.

It’s a daily sailing vlog.

It’s real-time locations and events.

We press record, share what life is like on our sailboat, and click upload.

For those of you who want a simple, yet highly informative video, this new sailing vlog is just for you!

Hope you enjoy it.

COMING: Sept. 12, 2023

DAILY: It’s daily life, but we won’t create them 365 days per year. Whew, that’d be a CRAZY amount of work! More like 5 days in a row each month.






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