Another Simple Sail to Offatts Bayou

It takes time to build confidence. You know what I mean?

At this point in time, we’re building confidence in our sailing, navigating, and anchoring skills.

It’s the perfect learning opportunity for a weekend away!

Oh, and Matt doesn’t need his truck anymore, so we say goodbye to ol’ red.

Really, that’s what life has been like – minimizing our stuff and enjoying the simple things.

Life on anchor is definitely this way.

Beautiful sunrises, simple chores, daily tasks.

And these moments are what make sailing so enjoyable.

What simple moments are your favorites?

Is it a cup of tea in the afternoon? A good book? Dinner with friends?





2 responses to “Another Simple Sail to Offatts Bayou”

  1. Hi Foster Family!
    We just stumbled on your blog! Nice videos! We’re also a family of 3 trying to set sails. We bought our sailboat in November, and we’re at the Waterford Harbor Marina learning the ropes ;). Let’s connect!

    1. Hi Amelie! Totally cool…we’re at Waterford too. Let’s connect. Send us a message on messenger m.me/TheFosterJourney

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