Sailing the Atlantic Part 1: Florida to North Carolina

SV Cadence sailing in the Atlantic Ocean - The Foster Journey

We went 420nm in the Atlantic Ocean – that’s from Ft. Pierce Florida to South Carolina. And in this week’s episode, we tried to capture what a day at sea is life. It’s just simple sailor life with a family. But on this day, we saw limited wind and high speeds! That’s because of the Gulf Stream.

In this episode we share how fast we went, what we do all day at sea, and what happens during the night when sailing in the ocean.

The path was super straight forward – we sail north/northeast on almost a rhumbline straight to Wilmington, North Carolina for 3-4 days (420nm).

The goal was to head offshore enough to grab the Gulf Stream and then let it push us with or without wind at a fast pace to our destination.

Sailing from Florida to Carolinas Ep90 Good Bye Florida Good By Hurricanes, 420nm in the Atlantic Ocean

Family Life at Sea

On calm days such as this, life at sea is the best!

We pretty much walk around, watch shows, read, do work, and cook just like normal. The motion of the ocean is minimal, and our daily activities are not hard to do!

What is Family Life at Sea like on a Sailboat

Olivia usually gets to skip school work while we’re at sea. We focus most of our time around creating new YouTube sailing videos and simply doing the tasks of the day: cleaning, cooking, resting, and being a family!

When things pick up…

Well, that’s when sea life requires a little more attention. It’s harder to stay down below when the waves pick up to over 5-6 feet. That’s usually accompanied by winds over 15-20 knots. If it’s not raining (which has been rare for us this summer, even when sailing the intracoastal waterway), then a brisk sail is a welcomed change of pace.

Finding a Buddy Boat, Finding Friends

After travelling full speed all the way from Kemah, TX to east coast of Florida in a short 8 weeks, we finally had a window to rest up. Also, that meant finding another buddy boat.

Funny thing, our buddy boat SV Slow M’Ocean is also from Kemah, TX.

They left about 7 months earlier than us and were also heading north for hurricane season -expect they spent the spring of 2021 in the Bahamas! #jealous

The Fosters with Cory and Allisha in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce was a lot of fun and super easy to get to the laundromat, minor groceries, and other necessities like a brewery! LOL

It also gave us that last taste of the bright Florida water – though not a clear as the Florida Keys.

Each day when the tides changed the bright green sea water would rush by Cadence, and we would make water!

Then when the tide ebbed back to sea, the brown river water from upstream would rush out to our boat.

In the video above, you’ll see a map of our anchorage, which was just off the main inlet.

CREDIT: Special thanks for our friends Cory and Allisha from buddy boat SV Slow M’Ocean for sharing pics and vids of Cadence while at sea. Those images are going to be in part 2 of this episode. Check out their Instagram profile below.

We look forward to sharing that leg of the journey with you next week!

Now, It’s Your Turn!

We love to chat, hear your thoughts, and answer questions. If you read this far, then go ahead and drop a comment down below! Cheers.





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