Atlantic Part 2: Storms at Sea

Sailing in a Storm in the Atlantic Ocean - SV Cadence

As per usual, we’re in storms at sea in part 2 of our first passage sailing in the Atlantic from Florida to North Carolina (part 1 here). What was predicted to be “salty” weather turned into a tropical depression just after we escaped. So here’s video – hope we did an okay just capturing a day of storms at sea!

Sailing in the Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream did not disappoint.

It provided a consistent 3-5 knots of bonus speed over ground for Cadence. As our day started a bit slow, the main was flopping around. But Cadence was still traveling a quick pace.

Averaging 8 Knots is Not Normal For Cadence!
This picture was sunset between squalls in the Atlantic.

As the storms increased through the day (see video above), we had to make a choice: keep sailing with the Gulf Stream or go upwind and cross the storms.

If we continued with the Gulf Stream, we’d be at the Cape Fear river inlet within 24 hours, but we would have to endure storms the entire way.

If we crossed the storms, we would be free within 8-12 hours, but we would be in Georgetown, SC. That would be 2 days short of our destination.

Olivia and Nancy stay under the spray shield when things get tough.
Storm at Sea - Sailing the Atantic Part 2 SV Cadence 800 Compressed (5)
We grabbed the camera just as it was dying…Do you see the water spout?

Hopefully, we can soon share some of the lessons learned from the storms we’ve encountered. Maybe we can get a bonus video out this week!





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