Black Cay Exumas, Quick Sail to a Tiny Island

Black Cay was a Great Stop when Sailing Exuma Island Chain

Sailing to the tiny island of Black Cay Exumas had its little challenging cut, the swelly anchorage, and the thunderstorms. But it was beautiful – both the sail and the beach! Black Cay is a tiny island off of Grand Exuma and held a surprising little surprise at the top.

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IN THIS EPISODE: Black Cay Exumas

  • 00:00 Leaving George Town
  • 00:50 Sailing in Exumas Sound
  • 05:04 The Cut at Soldier Cay
  • 06:25 Rolly Anchorage
  • 08:00 Swim at Beach
  • 11:15 Hike up Black Cay

Quick Sail in Exuma Sound to Black Cay

We loved the sail!!! We had 15-24 knots of wind, and our working jib (link to YouTube) made easy work of it.

Slideshow of our Sail and Time at Black Cay, Exumas

Our favorite kind of sailing is the trips where we leave an anchorage after coffee, and arrive at anchor for lunch!! If we could do this all the time…we’d love every minute of it!

We were a few miles offshore, which wasn’t enough for the swell to be calm.

It was 3-4 feet at 5 seconds apart. Just enough to be active…too active to fish. I’d prefer to be 10 miles from shore and have 5-6 foot sea at 8-10 seconds apart. That’s when it’s like sailing on rolling hills. Just Perfect!

About Black Cay

Map of the anchorage at Black Cay Exumas
Black Cay Anchorage and Coral Heads

This was a perfect stop halfway from George Town to Great Guana Cay or Galliot Cut where our next stop is.

The anchorage is rolly when the winds are blowing. But you don’t stay here for long-term. You rest up, go to the beach, go for a hike, or snorkel those three coral heads. In essence, you aren’t on the boat much at anchor here.

We did learn, that a stern anchor or even cleating the primary anchor amidship helps with the swing. Here’s the stern anchor that we love (link to Amazon).

The hike to the top revealed some of the best views we’ve seen in the Bahamas! And we saw great views at the Light House in Hope Town and again on the hike in Black Point. But this was 360 degrees of variety like we saw nowhere else.

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