Black Point Exumas – Best Town in the Bahamas

Finding shells in Black Point Exumas

Black Point Exumas (sometimes called Black Point Cay) is a small town that provides the perfect blend of love, beaches, and coconut bread! Everyone is on island time in Black Point, as they should be in the Exumas.

Episode 132: Black Point Exumas, One of a Kind Bahamas Town and Best Bread Ever!

Black Point Exumas is a one-of-a-kind town with the best bread ever at Lorraine’s Bread! Join us as we tour the town of Black Point with our sailboat in Harbor, interview Lorraine’s mom the bread maker, Lorraine at the cafe, and discover the Blow Holes of Black Point on the Exuma Sound side of the island.

Lorraine’s Bread

This is reason alone to visit Black Point. As a matter of fact, we want to go back just to grab more coconut bread!

Ball of Dough Waiting to Become a Masterpiece
Lorraine’s Mom, The Bread Artist

Lorraine’s mom is the bread artist extraordinaire. It’s hands-down the best coconut bread anyway. So soft and fluffy, and it’s laced with brown sugary goodness that only comes from caramalized coconut.






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  1. Bill

    Hello from Canyon Lake! We’re considering a 4 month cruise to the Bahamas on our Catalina. What are some of the harbors you’ve found that afford good protection during the Northers’?

    1. That’s going to be great – 4 months in the Bahamas! Here are a few ideas:
      Because the Abacos are so far north, they get hit pretty strong by the northers. We sat out one at Powell Cay with good success, but I’d recommend the south side of Great Sale Cay and the inner harbors at Green Turtle and Hope Town. I’m sure there are others, but these are from our limited experience. In New Providence, the inner harbor (between the main island and paradise island). For Eleuthera, we found solid protection behind Royal Island during a norther.

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