Catalina 350 Boat Tour, We Have a Decision

Catalina 350 - Watch the video boat tour to find out if this is a sailboat for living aboard??

In the words of the Catalina 350 designer, Gerry Douglas, “This boat is for a couple with kids.” And after taking this quick Catalina 350 boat tour, we agree.

However, we’re not sure if it’s for full-time living with kids – maybe weekends and week-long trips.

The Catalina 350 is not the biggest sailboat (we reviewed her bigger sisters the Catalina 42 here and the Catalina 400 here). Also, the Catalina 350 is superseded by her newer 355 design, which is really a different sailboat altogether.

No doubt, the Catalina 350 is strongly built and beautifully laid out. As a matter of fact, we have a decision on this boat. But first, take a look at this quick boat tour of the Catalina 350.

Watch the Catalina 350 Walkthrough, Kemah TX

Comfortable and Cozy Layout

The layout of the Catalina 350 sailboat is roomy – that was our first impression on the dock, on deck, and in the cabin.

A sailboat in the mid-30s is supposed to be functional, a weekend racer, and comfy for a couple, not a couple with kids, right?

Well, this sailboat seems to carry all the elbow room and creature comforts needed for extended trips.

Speaking of extensions, the construction is also solid enough for extended passages. The Catalina 350 is rated CE A, which means “all oceans” up to 40 knots of wind.

Are We Buying this Sailboat?

In a coming video, we’re going to share a thorough side-by-side comparison of the two 35-36 foot sailboats we’ve looked at so far (see our Beneteau 361 tour here). Are we buying this sailboat?

At this point, we’re not buying.

There are a few steps we need to take first (like build the business and sell the stuff), including deciding on the right size, features, and price for our budget.

However, this 350 seems like the smallest sailboat that we’d consider. I’m curious what you think about it.

Catalina 350 Boat Tour from The Foster Journey - To be successful at sea we must keep things simple.

Opinions on the Catalina 350

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below – whether you sailing experience or not, seeing others’ perspectives is valuable for us.

Moosewing1 left a comment on our YouTube channel, “Would definitely live on one with my wife.”

The Catalina Sailboat looks great, I would definitely live on one with my wife, thanks for the boat tour!
YouTube Comment

Sailing Yacht Salty Lass left great advice, “The Catalina looks very similar to our Bavaria 36 (which is very beamy and 37.5 feet long) so I think it may well be a comfortable boat. Ask to test sail it and see what you think. If you like it and it feels comfortable then why not buy it? It does not matter what anybody else thinks – they are not on the boat.”

The Catalina 350 looks like the Bavaria 36 and is very beamy. It's a comfortable boat.
YouTube Comment

Roger K. Davis said something, we’ve also thought, “I discounted the Catalinas and Hunters at first. My broker took me to see both of those brands. You get a lot of boat for the money. They both seemed well made.”

After looking at the Hunter and Catalina 350 I realized you get a lot of boat for the money. And it seems well-made.

What do you think?

Have you watched the video?

If you read this far in the blog post, you’re a real friend, thanks! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Leave a comment or question below.





7 responses to “Catalina 350 Boat Tour, We Have a Decision”

  1. Kendra

    I enjoyed the video tour. It looks pretty spacious. Are the rooms large enough to live in for a length of time?

    1. Hi Kendra! The front cabin is a nice size. It’s a centerline berth, so it opens the room a bit. The Saloon is roomy, but I reckon most time will be spent outdoors. Good question. What did you think from the video?

  2. Greg

    Hello Matt and Family it looks like the First mate love the sailboat. She is awesome boat,like the wood they use. It helps me in looking into a Catalina boat First. Matt what the cost for sailing lesson in Texas? Merry Christmas to you and Family. Greg of Ohio

    1. Hello Greg, and thanks for leaving a comment here on the blog! The wood is really clean and solid looking, and it impressed me too.
      ASA sailing lessons start at just under $300. Are they much different in Ohio?

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