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  • Gift Ideas for Sailors

    Gift Ideas for Sailors

    Do you have a dreamer, a cruiser, a sailor in your life? Maybe it’s you! Here’s our list of items that we’ve discovered we can’t go without aboard SV Cadence. After 2.5 years aboard the sailboat, we’ve come to rely on these items and think they would be perfect gifts for sailors! The list is…

  • Attack of the Drones (and other Cameras)

    Attack of the Drones (and other Cameras)

    We figured, if you’re going to have a YouTube channel (subscribe here), you’ll need a drone. It’s 2019 after all! So that’s what we did. We got a drone. And it’s been fun! At least I think so, and more importantly, I hope you’ll really enjoy the new video quality we’ll be able to create…