Cadence Crew Call

We are excited to announce crew opportunities! Whether it’s June, August, or next February, you can sail with us! We’re taking applications to crew on SV Cadence for 2-8 day coastal hops and offshore trips.

If you’d like the chance to be out in the big blue, take watch, and learn how to sail (or share your sailing knowledge with us), fill out the application below.

We can’t guarantee a seat in the crew. Applications will be filtered by our Patrons first, and all completed applications will be considered.

Let’s sail!!!

Check the FAQ just below.

Frequently Asked Crew Questions

What to Bring

Pack light. Pack light. But do bring the essentials such as hygience items, sunscreen, offshore harness/vest, heavy weather gear, and cameras (for yourself and to share on our episodes). 


Departure Windows

Plan to have a few days in harbor before departure to get acquainted with Cadence and to wait for weather. So a 2-3 day trip might require 4-6 total days away from home for you.


Cost of Travel

We’ll cover provisions and groceries, and you’ll cover your travel costs to the dock. We’ll meet you with the dinghy as soon as you arrive, hopefully just in time for a good meal!


Groceries & Galley

We’ll take care of the menu and provisions for 3 meals/day (hot meals, if the seastate allows). We’ll also tend the galley, so you can focus on crewing, resting, videoing, and sailing.


Safety & Comms

Feel free to bring your own GPS or communications, but we have satellite phone, shared texting, and satellite weather aboard Cadence that crew can use. 


When Will You Tell Me?

After submitting the application below, we’ll send an automated email from matt@thefosterjourney.blog. Be sure to add us to your email contacts so spam filters don’t disrupt communication. Then we’ll email 5-10 weeks before the next crew opportunity.


Fill out the crew application below!

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