Eating Turtles in Crab Cay, Exumas

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When they say, “Let’s go eat turtles in Crab Cay,” you probably don’t just jump and respond, “Okay, I’m in!” But it was our idea to have turtles, so we couldn’t back out on our own plan.

And it was delish!

Episode 135, From Crappy to Crab Cay Exumas

Crab Cay is in Elizabeth Harbor (Stocking Harbour), and it’s a cozy little anchorage. It probably has room for 5-7 sailboats. Today, we were lucky enough to be one of those boats!

Map of Crab Cay Near George Town, Bahamas
Map of Crab Cay Near George Town, Bahamas

The anchorage is perfect for spring and summer breezes. Probably not quite as comfy in a fall NE front.

Crab Cay, Facing North (Boats are facing SSE)
Four Boats Behind Cadence in the Anchorage

There is a paddleboard trail nearby and a few abandoned facilities ashore. Crab Cay had an “eco-friendly” resort development underway, but the project ran into trouble and ground to a halt around the time of the financial crisis in the U.S. in 2007.

Just on the east side of the island, there’s a beach. It’s a short dinghy ride away and is perfect for a beach fire and cookout.

As the sun was setting behind us, the hot coals were cooking our turtles. Oh, and the perfect turtle recipe, here it is:

  • Pull coals out from the fire.
  • Triple wrap a potato and place it on the coals to precook it.
  • Meanwhile prep your vegetables and meats.
  • Pull the potato off after about 20-25 minutes.
  • Unwrap the potato and cut it open.
  • Stuff the potato with your vegetables and meat plus your favorite seasoning (garlic, salt, pepper, thyme).
  • Wrap the potato back up and place it on the coals for another 20 minutes.
  • Remove from coals and enjoy!





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  1. Jean

    I would not be bragging about killing a turtle!!

    1. People eat all sorts of plants and animals in this world … But I guess you didn’t see the video? ?

  2. Jean

    I would not be proud of killing a turtle!!

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