Oven Rock to Pipe Cay, Exuma Banks Sailing

Sailing Exuma Sound - The Fostes Aboard SV Cadence Sailing

It’s island hopping time baby!!! We’re leaving Stocking Island and the George Town area to head north for a deeper taste of the Exumas. In this episode we pull up anchor at Black Cay, sail 30 NM in Exuma Sound, cook Mahi tacos, swim with stingray, and anchor in the most beautiful location – Pipe Cay.

Episode 138: Island Hopping to Pipe Cay Exumas

This was some of the most relaxing sailing we’ve ever had!

I mean sailing to Deltaville in the Chesapeake was great, and finding our way through uninhabited islands in Abacos was awesome. But this Exumas Banks sailing was pure bliss!!

This sail was calm, and even when it was blowing 12-15 knots, Cadence did what she does best – sails smooth and mostly upright.

So we walked around playing house, making tortillas, and grilling fresh caught Mahi!

Before arriving at our destination, we had a wonderful day of sailing from Black Cay. Seas were 2-4 foot and the breeze was low teens. It made for great sailing and Mahi fishing!

Nancy and Olivia in the Cockpit of Cadence
In The Exuma SoundCadence Loves to Sail in the Deep Blue on a Beam Reach!

Cadence Loves to Sail in the Deep Blue on a Beam Reach! So does the family.

Smooth Sailing Makes for a Happy Family

And for catching Mahi, cedar plugs were the consistent winner in the Exumas Sound. We exclusively used the Mahi colored cedar plug (bright green and blue).

Click the lures to view them on Amazon.

Sailing the Exuma Banks from Great Guana Cay

After entering Galliot Cut, we sailed alongside an Amel 50 (just like Delos!) for an hour to our anchorage for the night. This anchorage was home to several other sailors, and we wished we had time to go ashore. There was a nice beach and Oven Rock itself looked like a cave begging for human exploration.

We’ve learned the charts are often generous with depth in the Bahamas. In other words, we sailed across the 2-4 foot spots you see on the map above. And we never saw less than 7-8 feet below our boat.

But we did inch through slowly under sail just in case the chart was accurate. A little soft sand never hurt anyone.

Episode 138 picks up in the morning as we prepare coffee for the sail to Pipe Cay.

Route to Pipe Cay from Oven Rock Anchorage

We had about 20NM to go from Oven Rock. That’s the perfect distance for a day hop. Leave after coffee and arrive for lunch!

Though, in today’s sail, we had lunch underway because the wind was light and the sail was slow.

Pipe Cay, Exumas – A Great Anchorage

When we arrived at the anchorage, the first sight was a mega yacht. It was likely 100+ feet in length paired with a 30-foot center cockpit tender and a pair of jet skis. And the big waterslide. The waterslide is an inflatable slide that goes from the third deck all the way down to the water!!


Just past the mega yacht was our spot with no other sailboats in sight.

Pipe Cay, Exumas

The anchorage easily had room for 4-5 more sailboats, but we were thankful to have it all to ourselves for a little alone time.

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  1. Just watched the new episode… great video.

  2. Greg Miller

    enjoyed your video. looking forward to your meting on Tuesday

    1. Thanks Greg! I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s live stream too! See ya then

  3. Claudia

    Saw your recent post that you’re in the Bahamas still if I’m correct. My husband is planning his first crossing from Florida to the Bahamas at the start of January, depending on weather of course. He will have two others with him and I will fly to Eleuthra mid January or so. Can you share your experience with that area Jan/Feb, I’m super nervous about this whole thing. He has sailing experience but mine is limited to short trips from Charleston to Hilton Head. We have a 41’ cat BTW. Thanks for any input.

    1. Hey Claudia, sorry for the delayed response. We’ve been on the move and away from the computer for a while. The winds have been nice through Dec. and Jan. Every 4-6 days a front moves through with stronger winds in the northern Bahamas and lower teens down in the southern Bahamas (south of Georgetown). The winds will get stronger (20-25knots) late January into early spring. The crossing from Florida is easy breezy if you avoid going during north winds. Good luck and stay in touch!

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