First Time Sailing – The Oday 35

Learning to Sail on an Oday 35 - The Foster journey

“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.” Thanks for the quote Willa Cather, but seeing this was our first time sailing as a family, we preferred the calm evening on this Oday 35.

We were so pumped to go on this sail with captain Ken from Let’s Go Sailing Sailing School in Kemah, TX.

The Complete Sailing Manual

It’s time for us to learn to sail. We started with this amazing book (paid link* from Amazon Affiliate), but it just isn’t the same as being on the water.

The Complete Sailing Manual

Actually, it’s quite exhausting working through the Complete Sailing Manual, and it doesn’t help that some of us make noise and dance around the living room.

Or maybe it does help!

Some Students are Serious, And Others Have Fun

Sailing School in Seabrook, TX

There are so many options in the Galveston Bay and the Clear Lake area. It’s the 3rd largest yachting community in the United States. We’re glad that we found Let’s Go Sailing Sailing School in Seabrook.

Sailing School in Seabrook, TX  |  The Foster Journey shot with a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
Seabrook, TX Marina

Our cruise is really just an orientation, but Captain Ken was willing to share so much of his experience and knowledge with us. And wow…he had some scary stories from sailing the open oceans.

The Sailboat – Oday 35

According to Wikipedia, O’day sailboats started back in the 1960s, and the O’Day 35 we were on was a 1989 model. It’s just over 35 feet long with two cabins.

This is an O'Day 35 for Sale in the United States
O’day 35

The winds were a moderate 10-12 knots, and the Oday handled it just fine! We didn’t even need the mainsail.

The Oday 35 is a great sailboat and handled the 10-12 knots wind just fine!
1989 Oday Sailboat

We don’t know the terminology, but I (Matt) believe it’s called a recreational keelboat.

The boat would be too small for us to live on, but it was plenty fun!

Your Turn

Watch the full video on YouTube or leave us a comment below…Does anyone know why the water in Galveston is so brown?!? When we sail away, we need bright blue, clear water. Where should we go? Where would you go if you had a week on a sailboat?






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