First Time Sailing Our Tiny Home

First Sail on our Catalina 387 - The Foster Journey

Yes, there have been a lot of firsts! We figured this one would be worth sharing – our first sail by ourselves in our new tiny home, the Catalina 387.

Even after taking our sailing lessons, we still couldn’t remember how to get started.

And it wasn’t so much remembering as it was trusting. Trusting that when we pull a sheet (aka rope in laymen’s terms) nothing consequential was going to happen.

But we chose a day with a calm breeze and had a great time.

Instead of flying both the main and the headsail, we played it cautious and only flew the genoa.

Our Head Sail is a 135 Genoa

Even simplifying the process with one sail out…we still were a bucket of nerves!

Someone was anxious…but the captain seemed pretty cool!

Our Tiny Home – Catalina 387

In case you missed last week’s video, we welcomed you along on a tour of our tiny home. It’s a Catalina 387.

Your Turn

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  1. Lynell

    This was so nice to watch. Blessings on your adventure Foster Family.

    1. Lynell! Thanks for dropping by, leaving a comment, and watching our videos! Here’s my promise…when (if) we make it to Fiji, I’ll have a few bottles specially packaged and shipped for you, my friend.

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