A Little Fog, And a Bunch of Fog in the Gulf of Mexico

Learning to Sail in Gulf on the Gulf of Mexico - SV Cadence

We take to the Gulf of Mexico again from Galveston to Port Aransas, but this time we’re faced with fog, fog, and more fog. This episode is more of a sailing vlog, a day in the life at sea in the Gulf of Mexico. The first day wrapped up with good wind and a solid 18-24 knots of wind into the night. Day 2 greeted us with growing seas and a gentle rain storm, which ultimately gave us 16 knots of wind right of the beam!

Admittedly, these tests were not dangerous sea tests.

They weren’t even serious sea tests.

But they were our tests, just right for our current skill level.

At that’s the cadence we currently have. It’s a rhythm of learn something new, trying it out in the bay, and then pushing ourselves offshore to test our newfound limits.

It’s a will to learn that keeps pushing us forward.

And we hope you’ve learned along with us.

…or at least enjoyed the show!



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