Friday Fun, Valdo’s, and Kemah Fireworks

We’re a long way from sailing the world (at this time). We need to sell our stuff, sell the house, make some massive cash, and buy the right boat. Oh, and learn to sail.

That’s a pretty important little detail.

But first, here’s a little family fun. After all, what good is a journey if you can’t enjoy each step along the way?

This quick evening cruise is a chance to get to know each and frankly, I (Matt) don’t know anything about filming.

Yes, I’m just winging it and learning as I go. Hope you enjoy!

Seriously, I hope you enjoyed the video. In this first video, I’m trying out my videoing skills (or lack thereof). I don’t have a camera – this was all cell phone footage :)

If you have any camera experience, please help a friend out and leave me a comment at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to leave me feedback on music, videoing, photos, etc…I really appreciate any tips or advice. I’d love to hear what you think!

But wait, there’s more to share.

The Boat – Robalo R160

001 Friday Fireworks Water and Valdos - Robalo R160 on a Trailer 350
Robalo R160

When we started our business (before Matt started working from home), the personal goal was to simply to make enough money to buy a boat.

In one month’s time, we did it!

The Robalo R160 was a small simple, yet high-quality and top-notch boat for a small family who wanted to fish and play.

Friday Fireworks Water and Valdos - Robalo R160 Hitch 350
R160 Trailer Hitch

We never intended to hold the boat forever. It was meant to be a starter.

And we’ve learned so much about boating, maintenance, and navigating the water on this little Robalo R160.

001 Friday Fireworks Water and Valdos - Lock the Robalo R160 350
So much learning in the details of boating.

Sometimes…actually, most of the time, our favorite moments are just sitting at anchor letting waves relax our souls.

There are moments of bickering, but that other 99% of the time – that’s the treasure where memories are made and bonds are formed.

001 Friday Fireworks Water and Valdos - Anchoring on the Robalo R160

Sunsets and Boating in Kemah

For us, there’s no escape as relaxing as the water. The wind, seagulls, and waves combine into our perfect magical elixir.

Valdo's Seafood - Clear Lake Texas 350 - The Foster Journey
Golden hour on Clear Lake, TX

Do you know those nights when the weather’s just right, and you soak in those slow moments at sunset?

I imagine no one ever goes to their grave wishing they enjoyed fewer sunsets.

Sunsets on Clear Lake, TX
Sunsets on Clear Lake, TX
Sunset in Seabrook, TX -  The Foster Journey
Sunset in Seabrook, TX

And occasionally while I’m chilling in the bow of the boat, Olivia whips a rope into the water and splashes my face!

Let’s just say, my best side doesn’t show in those moments. Luckily, no one captured that on camera.

I did capture Olivia’s mischievous grin afterward.

001 Friday Fireworks Water and Valdos - Mischievous Grin 350
Holding back that laughter.
The grin persists.

That’s one of the joys of parenting. Letting my child take pleasure in tormenting me! :)

It’s only moments later when cooler heads prevail that we’re back to laughing and soaking in the moments.

001 Friday Fireworks Water and Valdos - Matt Laughing 350
001 Friday Fireworks Water and Valdos - The Fosters 350
Nancy and Matt

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