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This is the place to find all the top gear that we use to make Cadence work as our home, our place of work, and our vehicle to explore.

When we first bought Cadence, we spent so much time and energy deciding what to bring aboard and what to get rid of. Now, 24 months later, we’ve narrowed it down – at least for our favorite must-have items. Weather gear, cameras, and most importantly, gadgets for the galley. Here they are!

In The Galley

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Camera & Video Gear

Explore the gear we use to create videos for you.

Cleaning, Comfort, & Organization

Explore Galley Gear and Gadgets

In addition to browsing just out of curiosity, you can also purchase our gear store. Items are offered through Amazon, and we make a few nickels each time a purchase is made. So it really helps us out -Even if you end up purchasing something totally different. Happy shopping!

Offshore Sailing Gear on a Budget - Sailing Family the Fosters SV Cadence

Offshore Sailing Gear On a Budget

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