Gift Ideas for Sailors

Do you have a dreamer, a cruiser, a sailor in your life? Maybe it’s you! Here’s our list of items that we’ve discovered we can’t go without aboard SV Cadence. After 2.5 years aboard the sailboat, we’ve come to rely on these items and think they would be perfect gifts for sailors!

The list is organized by price from lowest cost to highest.

Luci Lights With Solar Power

These lights are perfect! For the cockpit, for the cabin, for the beach, for the dinghy…pretty much everywhere you need light, you can use this light! It doesn’t drain your boat’s batteries because you leave it out in the sun to charge and lasts all night long.

They’re light, portable, and waterproof and can do warm white or multiple colors.

Garmin InReach Messenger

We already had the Iridium Go, a GPS tracker, and a messenger for safety. But the monthly service cost was out of the roof, the battery life is measly, and the messaging app was clumsy. The Garmin InReach Messenger is a new device that lasts up to 28 days on battery, works flawlessly for messaging, and gives us a second layer of safety and SOS options. It’s a must-have for anyone wanting to go offshore.

Handheld GPS tracker, satellite messenger, SOS device, and weather updates.

Immersion Hand Blender with Ice Chopper by Braun

Warning! Our first hand blender lasted over 5 years, and then we bought a cheap one from China. Don’t do that. Buy a quality brand name – HUGE DIFFERENCE in power and quality.

Why a Hand Blender? It’s easy on the boat’s battery bank, and you can make soup, salsa, frozen mixed drinks, protein shakes, lattes, chopped veggies, mashed potatoes, marinara sauce…the list is nearly endless. And on passage, it makes food prep quick, easy, and easy to clean!

Your all-around second mate in the galley!

Lightbar Pro LED Headlamps

We own a pair of these (thanks Tony!), and don’t know what we ever did before them! On night watch, in the dark corners of our cabin, at anchor, during engine work…they light up light a stadium! They have full power, dim, and red. The built-in battery pack lasts forever and there’s no need to change AA batteries.

LED Headlamp with a built-in battery pack up to 30 hours run time.






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