I Have Two Questions, Can You Help Us Out?

Questions when shopping for sailboats - Can You Help Us Out?

We’re still building the business, and we took our first sail. Now we’re ready to find (start looking for) the right sailboat, but we’d like to know your thoughts.

So here’s a quick recap, a recent Q and A, and two quick questions (bottom of post) I’d love for you to answer! ?

Quick Recap

Business is going good. I don’t think we’re on track for the $1.5 million goal from a few weeks ago, but I’m working on it. Sales are up 30% from last year, so I’ll take that!

We took our first sail on a 35′ O’Day. Nancy loved it. Olivia had a blast.

Thankfully, viewers sent a few questions to us! That’s awesome. So here’s a quick Q & A on four topics.

Four Topics to Discuss

We thought we should answer a few questions that we get frequently as we try to build a business, buy a sailboat, and liveaboard. Here are the questions in this monthly update: 0:28 What are we trying to achieve? 1:12 How far along are we in this process? 2:45 Off-track, oops ?‍♂️ 3:00 After sailing a monohull, what are you thinking? 4:30 What type of sailboats are you looking at? 5:12 What fears or questions do you still have after sailing for the first time?

Can You Help Us With These Two Questions?

All opinions are welcomed! We’d love to know what you think as we consider our next steps.

Answer the two questions in the survey below.

Thanks so much for reading this post. It means the world to us that you’re interested in our journey.

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2 responses to “I Have Two Questions, Can You Help Us Out?”

  1. Cindy

    I don’t think I would feel comfortable doing it, but I hear lots do! Enjoy!

    1. It’s a tiny home, it’s always moving, and there’s the threat of nature. So I’m a bit nervous about it too. ?‍♂️ Thanks for commenting!

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