Hope Town, Elbow Reef Lighthouse, and Farewell Abacos

Elbow Reef Lighthouse in Hope Town Abacos is a must see in the Bahamas

It’s time to say farewell to the Abacos, but first a visit to the beautiful Elbow Reef Lighthouse and a walk through Hope Town, Abacos, Bahamas!!! This place is lovely! We anchored Cadence (our sailboat) just outside the town harbor in view of the lighthouse that shines through the night.

Can you believe this lighthouse still operates off kerosene? It has stood as a massive beacon of light for mariners for over 100 years.

Inside Elbow Reef Lighthouse

I forgot the number of steps…but boy there were a lot!

And a lot.

But the views on the way up, and at the top, were great!

Out of focus shot of the Hope Town Harbor
Narrow and shallow channel that leads into the Harbor

Hope Town is situated on the eastern barrier islands in the Abacos. This island is called Elbow Cay, and the view from the lighthouse looks over the town into the massive Northern Atlantic Ocean!

The reflection glass at the top of the lighthouse

It’s amazing that these glass elements curve, focus, and send the light from the kerosene lamp over 20 nautical miles (NM) into the Atlantic! It serves as a warning for sailors to stay off the reef. At the same time is serves as a beacon of hope, that safe harbor is near.

We think the Elbow Reef Lighthouse is a MUST SEE when visiting the Abacos. What do you think?





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