Nassau Bahamas – Too Unsafe? Too Touristy?

Beautiful Streets of Nassau

We’ve heard time and again that Nassau is unsafe or too touristy for the likes of cruisers who travel on sailboats. We’ve heard not to go there – there’s theft, violence, and too much tourism. So let’s see. In this episode, we take a stroll through Nassau, go through the neighborhoods, visit downtown, and look at the Nassau crime stats to find out.

Video Timeline

00:00 Driving through Nassau
01:20 Walking in “Dangerous” Nassau Neighborhoods
02:15 Visiting Downtown Nassau
05:11 Fish Markets Potter’s Cay
06:05 Nassau Harbor Yacht Club and Marina
06:40 Is Nassau too Touristy?
07:30 Is Nassau Dangerous?
13:45 Updates and Outtro

The architecture in Nassau has a vibrant and festive vibe. Away from the tourist center, the colors remain vibrant even though the city becomes more “normal” and utilitarian.

If you caught the end of the video, we discussed some of the crime facts and compared them to cities in Florida. As a result, there was nothing alarming about the crime stats. It’s just another city in terms of safety.

A little common sense goes a long way.

Source: US State Department, Feb.2022

When we left for the Bahamas, the US State Department issued a warning Level 4: Do Not Travel. And after searching online, it was all geared toward crime and safety in Nassau.

But we never once felt unsafe.

Is it safe to walk around Nassau, Bahamas?
Walking Around Downtown Nassau

What did you think about the video? Do you think the safety concerns are just a matter of a little common sense? Do you think Nassau is too touristy?

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2 responses to “Nassau Bahamas – Too Unsafe? Too Touristy?”

  1. Shima

    Love the way you all highlighted my home town. The hill you were walking is called Collins hill. Palmdale is where the doctor’s office was.. this is the area I grew up in. And I truly appreciate how you showed that the Bahamas is not crime ridden as it has be rumored to be. I’m glad that you enjoyed your stay, and visited local hangouts like poters cay, and Harbour Bay shopping center.
    Thank you for sharing this video and your story!

    1. Thank you for dropping a comment Shima! Nassau is a beautiful town, and we look forward to returning soon!

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