Corona Virus, a Lagoon 380, and a Business Update

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First, I hope you’re staying safe and staying sane during this time of isolation. We’ve been locked up for two weeks now, and I’m beyond stir crazy!

Hopefully, last week’s video can bring you some escape!

Lagoon 380

Catamaran: Lagoon 380

Lagoon is one of the top-producing catamarans (a two-hulled sailboat). It’s well-known for creature-comforts, and Nancy loves the homey feel of every Lagoon we’ve ever looked at (below is a Lagoon 42).

This Lagoon 380 is a sleek and modern boat that has fair price tag.

When we visited the boat in this video, we weren’t shopping. Friends at a local boat show were opening up for tours, and they invited us aboard.

Lagoon 410 and Lagoon 42

Business Update

Our business is going through some major changes! We woke up to the entire education system shutting down, which also completely shut down our revenue!

After the initial shock, I immediately saw a few opportunities.

For the past 10 years, I’ve thought about building my own school. The idea never went further than just a dream. However, a few pieces have recently moved into place where this little idea, with a few revisions, is closing in on a reality finding it’s next steps.

Additionally, we learned a valuable business lesson: diversify.

Starting about 12 months ago, I began to feel stressed about overreliance on one major product line. We began diversifying, and sometimes overstretching in areas, but now we see the value.

While Covid-19 is still taking it’s toll, it’s nowhere near where it could have been without diversification.

Next Steps In Our Journey

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the next few videos. Big changes in our house!

We’re attempting to purge our stuff and adapt to a more minimalist lifestyle – you know, to fit on a boat.

Also, we’re going to share news on a boat offer.

Stay tuned!

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2 responses to “Corona Virus, a Lagoon 380, and a Business Update”

  1. Just looking at some of your post and boat shopping videos. We just came off living aboard for over a year on a 393 Beneteau. Get the 42 monohull! A few things to look for: fridge should not be next to engine compartment. Access to engine. Centerline bed! Separate shower area.
    If you want to know why….email us at: svliberator3@gmail.com!

    1. Thanks for the insights! I’ll definitely email you because the 42 is in the top three for us. We were curious about the 393…what was your overall experience with it?

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