Learning to Spearfish in Manjack Cay

How To Spearfish Basics and First Time Spearfishing

Learning how to spearfish is like learning to ride a bike, right? Not really. it’s more like learning to sail while holding your breath and walking the plank at the same time – especially when you are being stared down by a shark and circled by a stingray. At least that was our expirence learning to spearfish.

In this post, I’ll share the video that helped me get started spearfishing, and a few tips I discovered after my first spearfish hunt. Let’s get started with the video of us learning to spearfish in Manjack Cay.

Manjack Cay (Nunjack Cay) is an incredible island in the Abacos, and this is where we took out the polespear and learned to spearfish! Hogfish? Snapper? Lionfish? Will we catch anything? After a quick sail from Powell Cay to Manjack Cay, we give spearfishing a try. Oh, and the beach is amazing – as is typical in The Abaco Islands, Bahamas!

Outline of Episode 119 Learning to Spearfish in Manjack Cay
00:00 Coffee and Sunrise
01:00 Sail from Powell Cay to Manjack Cay
02:40 Beach time, Stingrays, and Spearfishing Day 1
06:00 How to Clean a Fish, How to Cook It
08:00 Spearfishing Lessons and Reflections from Day 1
09:40 Family time to the Beach and Spearfishing Day 2
11:40 How to Start a Beach Fire and Cook a Fish on a Fire

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This was one of the first videos I watched to get started spearfishing. It’s good because it covers all the basic tools and gear needed to successfully fish and safely dive with a polespear. Here’s an outline of the video:

Intro 0:00
Gear 8:11
Speargun 8:45
Float 14:23
Weight Belt 18:27
Mask & Snorkel 19:42
Fins 20:31
Wet suit 21:26
Gloves & Booties 23:04
Diving Knife 23:35
Bag 26:28
Tips 27:17

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