The Lessons Never End as New Sailboat Owners

Mastering Sailing Basics with the Foster Journey

Part of this journey is to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones and to enjoy the learning along the way.

We bought a sailboat without knowing how to sail…and now, we’re sharing 5 things we wished we knew before buying a sailboat and 3 basic sailing lessons that we need to master ASAP!

We Wish We Knew Before Buying a Sailboat

Mastering The Basics

There are a lot of basics. Like a lot.

In this episode, we tackle three basic maneuvers that are critical for safety and for navigation: tacking, jibing, and man overboard.

Yes, we took ASA 101 lessons, but it’s a totally different game when you have your own boat.

And since buying the Catalina 387, we had to relearn how to sail.

It’s like your home floating away in a flood, except you’re the one driving it. And it tilts left and right and fights against you if you push it in the wrong way.

So yeah, learning from a book is one thing.

Learning to manage your emotions and driving your house across the water is another.

Hope you enjoyed these two episodes!

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PS – Leave a comment below to let me know you came by. Would you ever drive your house across the water? How do you deal with stressful situations? Let’s chat below.





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  1. Ron

    I will admit alot learn before going off shore

    1. Yes…a lot! But man, this is fun

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