Working From Home, Making 1.5 Million, Losing It All!

Making 1.5 Million Working From Home - Losing It All | The Foster Journey

How do I work from home? How am I making $1.5 million from home? Why is the state of Texas taking my business? Join me in this week of work to find out my first steps to $1.5 million and how the government threatened to take it all away!

I know it all sounds extreme and a bit spammy, but it certainly felt that intense going through it! We made a few mistakes in the first month working on building our own business. Continue reading to get the full story.

What’s it like working from home?

I’m new to this type of work. I’ve been in public education for 15 years now, so moving from bells to business has been a, let’s say – major shift!

I asked Nancy what she thinks and she said,

“Well…I feel like you’ve prioritized things and you’re making new products every single day, and you manage your time well.”



What she doesn’t know doesn’t hurt her, right?

Working from home is great!

I’m in control of my time, take breaks, when I want to, work late night if I want to, pretty much do what I want.

And making $1.5 Million is great too!

Because when you own your own business there is no career ladder or salary cap.

You get paid for the value you provide. That’s pretty cool!

Making $1.5 Million From Home

This is an amazing win!

Making 1.5 Million - Too Much Fun Working From Home
Too Much Fun Working From Home

We’ve figured that to do what we want with the sailboat and tropic island, we’re going to need to dig deep and put forth 10 times the effort than we ever have before!

So we’ve consulted with a team of experts: our CPA, business attorney, a financial advisor, bankers, and a business strategist.

Making 1.5 Million from Home - Business
Meeting with the Attorney
Making 1.5 Million - CPA Visit 2
Leaving the CPA meeting with Olivia and Matt

Meeting with the CPA is always great. I bring a page of questions and soak up all the information I can. This week, Olivia came with me, and she loved it!

She’s wanting to be a banker at this point in her life, but her takeaways from the meeting were a little…strange.

Making 1.5 Million - CPA Take My Money
Olivia Sharing What She Learning From The CPA

“I’m going to get your wealth when you die.”


I couldn’t believe this was the big idea for her!

Making 1.5 Million - Outta Here
We’re Outta Here

Back Taxes, Losing It All!

Yep, little mistakes can have costly consequences. This is a mistake I won’t soon forget!

It was a normal Tuesday evening, and I sat down on the couch to clean out some junk mail. There were six envelopes that all looked the same. They said, “State of Texas” on them. Surely, this was some spam mail.


These were legit.

We received 18 months of back taxes due because of some clerical oversights.

This was a killer! We would lose it all!

Making 1.5 Million - Losing It All
Notice of Tax Due

I didn’t sleep at all that night.

I stayed up all night reading the entire Comptroller website, reading the Texas Administrative Code, reaching out to multiple business and tax attorneys, and trying to find a way out of this mess!

Making 1.5 Million from Home - Boom
Mind Blown

I didn’t get much work done the next day.

I was near meltdown.

It’s at this point in the day when more breaks are in order. But this time, I’m getting out of the office!

Work From Home…or Grocery Store?

It’s one of my favorite places to go…I’m not sure why. So a break from the pending doom was much needed.

Making 1.5 Million - Break to Grocery Store
Self-Employed and Self-Shopping

Plus, it’s hurricane season, so I decided to stock up on canned goods.

Making 1.5 Million - Grocery Beans

And important beverages.

Making 1.5 Million - Afternoon Beer

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Making 1.5 Million - Doggie Break

If you read (or scrolled) this far, thanks for being a real friend!

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Would you like working from home? Would you like the freedom? Would it be too lonely…too quiet? Would Netflix be calling your name too much?

Leave me a comment below. Cheers!






11 responses to “Working From Home, Making 1.5 Million, Losing It All!”

  1. Mandie

    I would die!!!! And then go spend a lot of kinetic that I don’t have because I was bored ?

    1. Mandie

      Money ??‍♀️??‍♀️ Kinetic…really lol

      1. Spend that kinetic! lol

    2. Hehe! Amazon is a close bud these days!

  2. Jo Broome

    At this point in my life, work, even from home, is not something I see for myself. For you and your family, think it is great to be able to take on new adventures (and learn from them). I don’t think I am disciplined enough to be my own boss, but, if it became necessary for me to become a member of the workforce again, I’d certainly do it. I wish you and your family the best. As for me, I’ll settle back and wait for the Prize Patrol to deliver my $1.5 million to my front door.

    1. Thanks, Jo! Lol…I hope the Prize Patrol comes soon to you! 😉

  3. Amanda

    Have definitely thought about working from home. My income has to be at least the same if not more or I have to cut down on my vacations ?

    1. Yeah, at home you pay for your own retirement, healthcare, and benefits, so you certainly have to make more. And about those vacations…;)

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