Map, Routes, and Live GPS Tracks

Where are we? Where is SV Cadence? Here’s a live map of our journey updated every 3 hours (when the satellite is turned on).

Spring and Summer 2022

Yay, we left the U.S. and went to the Bahamas!

First, an offshore sail from North Carolina to Florida, and then the final run down to West Palm Beach. This led to our entry via West End and a wonderful exploration through the Abacos:

SV Cadence Through the Abacos

From the Abacos, we sailed to Eleuthera to Nassau (which we loved!) and down the Exumas.

Sailing the Exumas Spring/Summer 2022

And with a few projects and damages to repair, we decided to head back to the United States for cheaper supplies and faster shipping. This is our return route from Exumas to West Palm:

2 Day Sail from Nassau to West Palm, FL

Summer 2021

Fall 2021 Update: The satellite data (it’s pricey!) was turned off for 3 months while we sailed the Chesapeake. However, we just turned it back on as of November 2021.


We’ll start with one map of our trip from Kemah, TX to Florida. As the journey continues we’ll update this page to include more maps of our ocean travels.

Kemah to Florida – June 2021

The line shows our track. Here’s the first leg from Texas to the Florida Panhandle.

And here’s our leg from the panhandle to the west coast of Florida.

East Coast of the US – Summer and Fall 2021

After rounding the tip of Florida, we traveled north along the East Coast of the US.

Map Kemah to Chesapeake 2021
Sailing Route from Texas to Chesapeake – SV Cadence

And here’s a zoomed-in version of our map from Ft. Pierce Florida to South Carolina.

Map Sailing Route from Florida to South Carolina
Map Sailing Route from Florida to South Carolina