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US East Coast

Sailboat life meets city life in the beautiful city of Norfolk, VA and the quaint town of Portsmouth. Normall, we associate sailboat life with oceans, islands, and bay sailing, and tropical locations – but we discovered that living next to bustline cities can be a pleasant change of cadence! But first we had to figure out how…


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The Bahamas

Plans kill sailors. That’s what did us in while sailing the thorny path. Plans that included us trying to: Squeeze in a Zoom meeting on the day we sail Exit the country via the thorny path before our cruising permit expires Coordinate plans with a buddy boat Change plans then…


Quick Stories

Traveling with a family of 3 full time on a sailboat is a life of adventure, freedom, and close-knit bonds. It’s a chance to explore the world at your own pace, learn new skills, and experience the beauty of nature. But it’s also a challenge. There are long days of sailing, tight quarters, and the ever-present threat of bad weather.

But for those who are up for the challenge, traveling on a sailboat with a family can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You’ll learn to rely on each other, appreciate the simple things in life, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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