Routes and Plans

Now that we’re breaking ties with land and heading out on our sailing journey, let’s talk routes.

This webpage will show routing information and float plans for Cadence (and her Captain’s log is here) and crew.

Mission To Maine, Summer 2021

Here’s our route information and float plan. It’s a living document and will be updated as we go. You can view it here to see live updates or download a copy for yourself!

At the bottom of this document you can click options to download or view full screen.

New England Sailing Routes

Original Plans Kemah to East Coast U.S.


5 responses to “Routes and Plans”

  1. ron smith

    Safe travels you guys love the boat

    1. Matt

      Thanks, Ron!

  2. Johnny Jones

    When is the planned exit? Would like to be there or watch you go by from Portofino marina. Do you have ais?

    1. We don’t transmit AIS, but we do have gps tracking, which updates here https://thefosterjourney.blog/map/

  3. Diane Catenaci

    Such a wonderful, courageous and exciting journey. As I watch your videos and read your blog…. I am reminded that life is full of amazing and beautiful adventures !!!

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