Plans for Sailing The Gulf of Mexico During Hurricane Season

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Okay, we know June is not the best time to cross the Gulf of Mexico on a sailboat, but that’s the hand we’re dealt. And we gladly take it, but we’ll play this hand with a healthy dose of caution and planning.

As is, we have three plans for sailing the Gulf of Mexico and leaving Kemah, TX – but we’re not sure which plan to take!

In this episode, we share the plans, list pros/cons, and pose questions. Help us out by leaving your thoughts and ideas for us to consider in the comments at the bottom of this post.

The three plans to sail the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane season:

  1. Central America
  2. Eastern Caribbean
  3. U.S. East Coast

Sailing the Gulf to Central America

This plan is a great plan because it is the shortest route to beautiful waters and safe harbor from hurricanes. It brings the joys of exploring islands and new cultures.

Sailing to the Eastern Caribbean

This route is the longest plan and goes from Kemah, TX, across the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Keys, and then eastward to Grenada. It’s great because it goes through some of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world.

Sailing From Texas Around to the East Coast of the United States

This is a wonderful plan because it is entirely domestic travel through some of the most historic states in the United States. It also has the protection of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) when Atlantic seas become too dangerous to sail.

Your Thoughts

Okay, that’s it. Three simple plans.

Now what do you think?

Which plan do you think is the safest? Which is the most adventuresome?

What questions or ideas do you have that we should consider?

Leave us a comment down below.





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    1. Thanks for the vote!

    1. Hey Dave, it seems 1 is the most popular so far!

  1. Plan 3. Enjoy the east coast. Make it to the Chesapeake bay. In November sail to Bermuda. After a week or so in Bermuda head for the eastern Caribbean.

    1. Ruben! Thanks for dropping a comment…It’s scary to think about making the trek out to Bermuda, but I’d love to do that!

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