Prepping To Leave – Generator, New Lines, Head Repair

The Fosters are preparing to leave for good!

Less than 50 days until we leave our home base.

Yikes. Oh My. Oh ****!

To think that home base is going to become wherever the anchor falls, and knowing that we’re not ready yet…but we’re getting there.

Today’s episode (no.64) is the first of many projects that we need to complete prior to setting sail.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

Repairing the Generator with Barnacle Buster

Thanks to our good friend and fellow sailor, Bruce, who recommended that we try Barnacle Buster (Click for Amazon Link).

The fact that the generator continuously overheated, yet I’ve serviced the coolant, impeller, and other parts (watch first generator repairs here) – it probably meant the raw water wasn’t flowing enough.

So we needed to flush the heat exchanger.

The Barnacle Buster worked perfectly, and now I want to do the same for my Yanmar just for prevention.





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  1. […] It’s safe to say the generator is completely repaired. […]

  2. Dennis P Burke

    Did you do the yanmar? I am going to try this on my AC system soon. Thinking about it for my westerbeake.

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