Sailing from Abaco to Eleuthera to New Providence

Sailing from Abaco to Eleuthera to New Providence - SV Cadence

There’s a north front moving in, and we can use it to sail south from Abaco to Eleuthera. Or we could use it to sail from Abaco straight to New Providence.

Why New Providence?

Well, we have an orthodontist visit to make, and the weather is supposed to turn ugly, so we need to beat the ugly weather there. That’s why we had to cut our tour of Hope Town short, but all’s good. We’ve gotten used to living by the dictates of Mother Nature.

Sailing From Abaco to Eleuthera to New Providence

The sail will be straightforward – 90 total nautical miles with the option to break it into a 65nm leg plus a 35nm leg.

The norther looks gnarly, but its punch is lighter than its looks. We are the only sailboat leaving the anchor this morning, and this makes us second guess our decision a bit.

The front has a sharp and well-defined edge.

This norther brings with it rain, and quickly transforms sunrise into nightfall.

Leaving anchor, not knowing how much wind will hit us.

We’ll plan to anchor in the northern tip of Eleuthera. Entering near Egg Island will allow us quick access to a safe harbor behind Royal Island.

Royal Island Anchorage in Eleuthera
Map: Royal Island Anchorage in Eleuthera

After a good night’s rest and maybe a day of chores, we’ll be ready to sail again from Eleuthera to Nassau, New Providence. The plan is to tuck in behind Atholl Island and gain some protection from the north.

There are a few reefs nearby, so a snorkel and spearfishing is in order!

Snorkeling in Atholl Island

Overall, the week of travel went well. Even that moment when we were taking on water miles from land! What did you think about the episode? Drop us a comment on the blog down below.





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