Sailing Eleuthera – Hatchet Bay, Governor’s Harbour, Rock Sound

Traveling Through Eleuthera on a Sailboat as a Family

Sailing Eleuthera was never in our plans. It just happened. That’s sailing of course. Mother nature’s plans always trump our plans. And when the winds changed speed and direction, we said to ourselves, “Great! Now we can travel in the Eleuthera banks and see all the places we missed last spring!!”

Sailing Eleuthera Part 1 – Fleeming Channel to Hatchet Bay

Oh yeah!! We have 18-24 knots of wind for some active sailing along Eleuthera Island! We’re keeping our travel plans fluid as we explore Hatchet Bay and set our sights on an overnight passage from Eleuthera to George Town, Exumas. But with these winds and point of sail, will we make it in one long haul?

Episode 148 – Close Hauled from Hatchet Bay

The sailing was quite intense as we tried to pinch ever closer to the wind (known as close-hauling) to avoid doubling our time with tacking. This was mid-November 2022, so the days were short and time was of the essence.

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As you can see in the pics above, sailing close-hauled is wet and splashing. The apparent wind speed increases and the forces on the sailboat increase significantly.

Hence, part 2 – to Governor’s Harbour.

Part 2 – Sailing to Governor’s Harbour

After leaving Hatchet Bay Eleuthera, we had plans on sailing overnight all the way to George Town Exuma. But the wind shifted 15 degrees, which put it right on the nose. And it was blowing 20s.

Episode 149 – Change of Plans to Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera

So rather than tacking and close-hauling all night in the Exuma Sound, we called an audible.

And we’re glad we did!

Nuatical Chart: Route from Eleuthera to George Town, Exuma
Route from Eleuthera to George Town, Exuma
Nautical Chart: Governor's Harbour Anchorage with depths.
Governor’s Harbour Anchorage

We were only 15NM from Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera which made for a simple 2-hour sail and 1-hour motor (to charge up them Lithiums).

About Governor’s Harbour

The strange thing about this location is that we NEVER had intentions of visiting here. The notes in Navionics were a turn-off. Comments from other cruisers were a turn-off.

But the winds had the ultimate say in our travel plans.

This place is great!

Buccaneer Club is a short walk from the dinghy landing,

We’ve worked hard over the last 6 months to limit our eating out to only 1-2 times per month. And when we do eat out, we eat small. Better for our bodies and better for our budgets.

But we’re glad we came to Buccaneer’s Club. A true treat amongst the many burgers and fries shacks in the Bahamas.

Nancy’s Favorite: Grapefruit Raddler
Olivia’s Favorite Drink

And I’ve (Matt) learned that everyone’s spirits stay lifted when we treat ourselves!

Governor’s Harbour is a principal settlement and administrative centre in Eleuthera in The Bahamas. It corresponds roughly to the centre of the former district of Central Eleuthera. Established by William Sayle and the Eleutherian Adventurers in 1648, it lays claim to being the beginning of the post-Lucayan Bahamas. Source: Wikipedia

For cruisers there are several great resources:

  • Multiple grocery stores
  • Two banks with ATMs (if they’re working)
  • Two gas/diesel stations within walking distance
  • Hardware store
  • Fishing/snorkeling store
  • Beach to land the dinghy

Sailing Eleuthera Part 3





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