Sailing the James River

Sailing the James River - Nancy and Mocha Enjoying a Sunset in Great Bridge VA.PORTRAIT

In this week’s YouTube video, we started our new mission of cruising the Chesapeake Bay. And what a start it was!

To begin, we sailed off anchor and then sailed to Hampton Roads just outside of the Naval Shipyard in Norfolk, VA.

Mind you, the engine was never turned on!

Then the winds picked up to 18-24 knots. We ventured into a close reach and a series of tacks to avoid collision with a barge and an roadway. Next we slow sailed up the James River to Jamestown, VA.

Sailing to Jamestown VA in the James River. In the previous episode, mother nature dictated new terms to our little arrangement. So we followed her lead and are heading in a new direction – this time, we’re sailing back in time via the James River to Jamestown, VA.

In this post, we Explore Jamestown Settlement! click to view pics and vids

But first, the water pump needed replacing. And the generator water pump. And Mocha enjoyed the sunset.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s video!



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  1. We did enjoy the video Sunday. Can’t wait to see more. Love you guys.

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