Getting Schooled: American Sailing Association 101

Sailing Lessons 101 - ASA 101 and a Beneteau 440

Seeing as though we’re shopping for a sailboat, we should probably learn how to sail. We recently complete ASA 101, which the first certified sailing lesson from the American Sailing Association.

Surprisingly, sailing is (can be) quite simple.

There are a few ropes…eh hum, “lines” and “sheets” to pull and a big steering wheel. If the wind blows, everything just works.

Sure, there’s more to it (a lot more) but at it’s core, we were surprised at how basic the physics are.

The ASA 101 class was two days, required studying a textbook in advance, and had a two-part test (hands-on and a 100-question test). The studying was rather intense, but the two days on the boat (a Beneteau 311) really made it all come together.

Olivia, Nancy, and I all passed the test and are certified to charter a sailboat 31 feet and shorter (we’ll need to learn so much more seeing as though we’ve been shopping for 40-foot sailboats!).

In addition to the ASA 101 class, we had the opportunity to spend the night on a Beneteau 440.

The Beneteau 440 was a beautiful boat, and really, we wanted to see how much room she had aboard. They’re generally in our price range as we shop for sailboats, so we thought this would be a great way to experience a boat this size.

Overall, we felt like some of the “smaller” boats were actually larger.

For example, the Catalina 400 and the Catalina 42 are both shorter boats overall, but they are wider and made better use of the space…at least for what we’re looking for in a boat that will serve as our traveling home.

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