Sailing from Key Biscayne to Fort Pierce

Sailing VLog to Fort Pierce Florida

Okay, friends, hang on with this episode – we’re trying a simple sailing vlog format where we simply grab a camera and record as we sail. There’s no fancy editing or slo-mo, and very little if any music. It’s just you and us sailing. And in this episode, we’re sailing the east coast of Florida from Key Biscayne all the way up to Fort Pierce, Florida.

The sail from Key Biscayne to Fort Pierce is pretty straight forward. It is up the coast of Florida about nautical miles (nm). The first leg is due north for 70nm and then there’s a slight turn to the NNW at West Palm Beach. Then you have about 50nm to go.

Leaving Biscayne Bay

We stayed within eyesight of the shoreline the entire time and were able to view different towns and beachfront homes.

Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale gave us views of high rises for the first 4-6 hours.

One thing we’ve learned about doing quick overnight sails is to get good naps in the afternoon. It makes the night watches so much easier!

The coastal sailing along Florida has been great!

There’s plenty of wind, and the seastate is non-existent.






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