Sunset Sail in Kemah, TX

Sailing in Kemah TX with Let's Go Sailing Sailing School

They say time moves slower at sunset. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it sure feels like it. The moments, the smiles, and the laughter all take on a golden hue and a richer tone.

These are the moments worth living for. These are the moments that make us rich.

I’d like to share this sunset sail with you. It’s part 2 of sailing on the O’Day 35.

Whether or not time slows down, I do know that being on the water is something like a reset for life.

“At sea, I learned how little a person needs, not how much.”

Robin Graham

Like most time spent in nature, it has a way of reminding me that we need very little in life. The endless pursuit of consumption feels more like a wild goose chase compared to the calm of the waves.

Sailing on Galveston Bay, TX
Galveston Bay

Have you ever watched the sailboats go by and wished, “I’d like to watch the sunset on a sailboat.” Maybe not, but we have – many times.

Sailing out of Kemah into Galveston Bay wasn’t a larger trip, but it was our first sail together. The sunset was magical!

Enjoying a sunset cruise on a sailboat from Kemah, TX
Coming into the Kemah Channel

The sun takes on all sorts of hues with each degree that sinks toward the horizon. It goes from purple, to orange, to pink, and midnight blue.

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