Survey, Haulout, and We Bought A Sailboat!

Buying a Sailboat - Catalina 387, The Foster Journey Feature

We bought a sailboat!

…actually we bought a floating tiny home. But we’re fine if everyone calls it a sailboat. 🙂

After all, she does sail, float, and bob around.

It’s been a solid year and a half journey getting here with a few challenges, ample joy, and many lessons learned. Every step has been totally worth it!

Here’s the full episode >>

The Survey and Haulout

Just like an inspection and appraisal for a house, the survey evaluates the condition and value of the sailboat. Our surveyor, Lou, started at 6:30am in bow of the boat uncovering every compartment, component, and cranny.

We enjoyed (and probably pestered him) learning and asking about every wire, pipe, and hinge as he moved to the stern over the course of 5 hours.

After Lou finished inspecting the boat, our captain Michael Glass drove the sailboat over to the local boatyard and we hauled her out.

Side Note: Capt. Glass is an ultra cool guy who is also living aboard and planning to escape to the islands!

The haul-out involved a large crane lifting the boat, power-washing the bottom, and Lou inspecting every inch of the underside.

Apparently, some sailboats develop soft spots and blisters, which can undermine the strength of the hull. Thankfully, the only issue was a worn out prop, which we’ll soon address.

Sea Trial and Acceptance

Then there’s the sea trial. This is the equivalent of a test drive, but a bit more formal and with money at stake.

In the sea trial, Lou inspected the motor, rigging (fancy sailor term for wires and lines) and sails. Captain Glass sailed us out in Galveston Bay, and we sat back and had a great time!

Another side note: Don’t ask why…but sailors (or possibly yachties) created a strange set of vocabulary for everything in including couches (settees) and beds (berths). And heaven forbid you ever call the galley a kitchen!

After determining everything was fine with the boat, we had one more step: the acceptance.

This is us formally accepting the boat and moving to close the deal. After a survey and sea trial, we retained the right to reject the boat – but Know Working (as she was called, we’ve since changed the name), was working just fine!

New Sailboat Giveaway

What’s better than buying sailboat? For us, buying a sailboat and sharing the experience with you!

We celebrated with a live stream on YouTube and promised to draw a name from the comments for a T-Shirt giveaway.

The T-Shirts: Olivia has helped us design some t-shirts and swag here, and we’ve randomly selected one name to receive the merch.

The name is…

Wine Rob!

Congratulations, you’re the winner. Please email us at thefosterjourney@mail.com with the product (just copy, paste, and email a link from the shop) you’d like to receive.

We’ll have it delivered to your address!

You Turn

Thanks for reading the blog and watching our blockbuster movies…errr, home videos. 🙂 It means the world to us. Please drop us a hello or a question in the comments below, so we can know you came by!





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