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  • Back to Homeschool, August 2022

    Back to Homeschool, August 2022

    It’s that time of year! Nancy and I are working ferociously on boat projects and work to save up for this fall’s travels. Meanwhile, Olivia is gearing up…no, starting homeschool/boatschool today. It’s our third year of homeschooling on our sailboat, and we thought we’d share a few updates since the last time we wrote about…

  • Small Walk Back in Time

    Small Walk Back in Time

    Now that we’ve called off the mission to Maine (see last week’s story), we have time. Oh, precious time we love you. That means let’s go outside and explore. We’re in Great Bridge, which is an area within Chesapeake City, VA, and the forests here are beautiful with tall pines. Plus, there’s a U.S. History…

  • How To Homeschool On A Sailboat

    How To Homeschool On A Sailboat

    Deciding to homeschool on a sailboat (aka boatschooling) is a massive decision that could have many unintended consequences. You’re not just trying to educate a student, you’re taking on the responsibility of your child when homeschooling! (Coming from former educators, it can be easier to teach someone else’s child!) But like most things on a…