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  • Eating Turtles in Crab Cay, Exumas

    Eating Turtles in Crab Cay, Exumas

    When they say, “Let’s go eat turtles in Crab Cay,” you probably don’t just jump and respond, “Okay, I’m in!” But it was our idea to have turtles, so we couldn’t back out on our own plan. And it was delish! Crab Cay is in Elizabeth Harbor (Stocking Harbour), and it’s a cozy little anchorage.…

  • Living in Uninhabited Islands!

    Living in Uninhabited Islands!

    It was just early February when we were back in the United States getting ready to leave Florida and sail away from the country we knew as home. Now it’s spring 2022, and we’re sailing to uninhabited islands in The Bahamas. Specifically, we’re heading to the Abacos (Abaco Islands) and plan to spend 5 days…