Time to Sell, Time to Relax


Our life has been hectic in the last 2 months. Layered underneath all the sailboat shopping (see the Catalina 400 review or this Catalina 42 mkii walkthough) has been the need to sell all of our stuff!

And boy, has it been an emotional roller coaster!

It’s been one heck of a journey trying to declutter our live and prepare for the minimalism of a sailboat life.

The garage, the closet, the furniture…and now, we’re selling the motorboat – the Robalo R160.

We’ve loved the Robalo R160 so much – we’ve learned about boating and we’ve gained a love for the water.

Selling the Robalo R160

She’s not the biggest boat around, but this little 17-footer taught us a lot about boating, safety on the water, and how to love slow time floating on the bay…and sometimes venturing a few miles offshore.

It’s going to go fast, but here’s the listing in case you’re in the mood for a boat yourself!

Slow Time to Relax

Speaking of slow time on the water, we’ve really needed some relaxation from all the work on our journey. What better way than with a 10-minute video of birds, waves, sailboats, and all the relaxing sounds of the marina.

I hope you enjoy this Slow TV Sailboat ASMR!





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  1. Sharla

    Wow, this looks like fun!

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