The Dangerous Whale Cay Cut, Barracuda, and Hope Town Sunset

The charts are clear – Whale Cay Cut is dangerous and should only be crossed in less than moderate swell. So we waited for the storms to clear and winds subsided to a forecasted 5-10 knots. However, when the ocean meets the shoreline, the winds are always stronger, so we experienced 10-14 knots and had moderate swell (2-4 feet). So would it be “dangerous” or would it be noneventful?

Sailing through Whale Cay Cut and Catching Baracuda near Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas.

Whale Cay Cut is known as a dangerous, even deadly cut in the Abacos Bahamas, so we tackle it on a calm day. And the wind builds to give us a great sail to Hopetown in Elbow Cay. Like most days sailing in the Abacos, this sail did not disappoint, and neither did the fishing!!!

Episode 123 Sailing Through Whale Cay Cut to Hope Town

00:00 When to Go Through Whale Cay Cut
02:00 Going through Whale Cay Cut
02:32 Fishing behind a Sailboat in the Abacos
04:15 Perfect Sailing Near Elbow Cay
06:45 Anchor Down in Hope Town, Abaco
08:00 Sunset in Hope Town, Elbow Cay
09:00 Secrets from the Galley aboard Cadence

Whale Cay Cut in the Abacos

This cut is very wide, so the dangers aren’t the barrier islands or reefs. The danger comes from the deep Atlantic Ocean swells coming from over 6,000 feet deep to just 30 feet deep. If there are any swells or winds this can cause large and steep breaking waves. Nothing can capsize a vessel faster than a breaking wave.

Time for Sundowners While Olivia Watches YouTube Down Below

Thankfully, we made it through just fine. And our new philosophy of travel is, leave early – arrive after lunch. That way there’s plenty of time to relax, swim, and do chores before catching a sundowner.

In the picture above, we are anchored just outside of Hope Town, Abacos, Bahamas. It’s a beautiful evening in a shallow, calm anchorage.

Homemade Pizza from the Galley of SV Cadence

After sundowners, we head below deck to stir up some of our favorite recipes in the galley. Tonight, it’s Margarita Pizza made from scratch!

Okay, so what do you think? We’ve had quite a few comments on YouTube about creating a cookbook. Do you think that’d be a good idea? Should we include a section on our favorite adult drink recipes too?

Drop us a comment below to share your thoughts.





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  1. Carol & Bob

    Boat food recipes, tips, and photos always welcome !

    1. Yes! We’re excited about it ?

  2. Hello, what sources did you use to determine the weather conditions and sailability of Whale Cut Cay?

    1. Hi Chris. ? We went through on mild wind 5-10kts. You’d want to avoid the day after and just before a front…the N swell would be gnarly.

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