Sailing Vlog 15: Preventing an Electrical Fire

We discover a weakness in our solar panel circuit and take measures to prevent an electrical fire.

Sailing Vlog 14: Shouldn’t Have Drilled This Hole. 

New solar panel expansion, wiring gauges, 75/15 solar charge controller, and other bits.

Sailing Vlog 11: When and How to Deploy a Secondary Anchor

Sailing Vlog 12: Sneak Peek at Annapolis Sailboat Show

Sailing Vlog 10: Provisioned Up, New Solenoid, and Sailing North

Sailing Vlog 09: Provisioning Fail in Chesapeake Bay

Sailing Vlog 08: How to Use G-Flex to repair the dinghy rub rail

Sailing Vlog 07: Fixing the Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid

Another broken generator part.

Sailing Vlog 06: Living on $48 Per Week 

Provisioning included.

Sailing Vlog 05: I Quit

It’s time to quit. Real lessons learned living on a sailboat.

Sailing Vlog 04: We Can’t Sail Anymore 

One problem has stopped the journey. We can’t go on.
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Sailing Vlog 03: Tearing this boat Apart 

A small sailboat job leads to a BIG project. 
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Sailing Vlog 02: It’s Hot and Miserable Here. 

Multiple sailors warned us about our timing heading to the Chesapeake Bay in the summer. 

Sailing Vlog 01: Our sailboat is quickly fading away. 

Join us as we combat gel coat oxidation with a restorer wax and battery drill buffer.